About Fetish R Fantasy

Fetish and Fantasy Adult Sex Toys is invested in your pleasure! We strive for excellence and professionalism in everything we sell and the service we provide..  We arenon-judgmental regardless of your sexual orientation, race, religion, creed or color.  Nor do we judge your fetishes or fantasies believing that we all want what we want.

Customer feedback helps us measure whether our services are meeting our customers’ needs and expectations. While praise is always welcome, constructive criticism is truly helpful in the long run. The purpose of our customer service policy is to establish uniform standards and procedures for responding to customer feedback, thus making sure all responses are timely and that issues do not “fall through the cracks.” The policy strives to treat every interaction with the public as an opportunity to produce a satisfied customer, or at least one who feels that he or she was listened to and taken seriously, even if it was not possible to meet his or her request. When possible, complaints, questions and requests for service will be resolved in “real time” on the same day they arrive. However, in certain instances, referral and follow-up are necessary in order to fully understand and resolve the issue but we will do our best to resolve as soon as possible. We truly look forward to hearing from you!